Welcome to my blog, here is what I intend to write about and what’s behind the name…

The Garden of Eden, The Garden of God, The First Garden, whoever calls it what is not my real interest in the name; and whether the place is fictional or existed in some form is also not my concern.   What interests me the most is the concept, the idea of perfection, the thought that at one time the world and the people in it had things so in balance.  That all nature and the creatures that existed were so in harmony with themselves and each other that nothing required change and simply existing was enough, not just ‘enough’ – but blissful.

It is this concept of bliss, and whatever that means to each of us on a personal level, that through this blog I will consider.  The day to day diary of the small and big thoughts that can move each of us towards our own version of perfection.  Whether they are deep or light hearted there will be musings on health, fitness, personal wealth, community, family, career, parenting, beauty, fashion, ageing, wisdom, spirituality, friendship, all kinds of love, dying, living, and whatever crazy insights might float through my mind as I consider the small footsteps we can take towards our own personal perfection.

I will not claim that every thought I have is original – because how do I know what everyone else thinks about?!   Just like when you talk to kids from other schools far away from yours and you find out they played the same games as you in the playground, how did they know lol (this was before the internet of course).  If I am inspired by others I will always share their wisdom and give credit to the words that resonate with me.

In this age, more than any other time before us, more people than ever can access shared knowledge and unfiltered opinions.  The more ideas people share, the more we all have a chance to make this lifetime the most progressive, beautiful, crazy, emotional and profound we have ever had.  I hope you will join me and we can share our journey ,towards our best life, together.