What would you do if you won the lottery? Have you actually thought about it, planned it even?  Let’s play a little game, get a sheet of paper and a pen.

On the left hand side write ten things you would do if you won the lottery, don’t think about it too much at this stage.

Now for each thing you have written think about the actual physical steps of the process you would have to undertake to make that thing happen.

Next write what the literal result would be once you have taken those steps.

Now look at those steps and circle which ones you can actually do before the lottery money arrived in your bank.

Finally, next to each of your plans, write what will be the best thing about that happening.  This is the part where you should really think hard and explore what would be good about it, keep asking why for each thing you write, then ask why again until you get that ‘aha’ moment and you understand the true reason behind that desire.

What I’m hoping will be the outcome of this exercise is two things: firstly, there are lots of actions you can take today that would improve your life or be steps towards fulfilling your personal desires  – look at the circled steps.

Secondly, look at your reasons why, these are your deepest desires.  There might be words written there that resonate so deeply that you suddenly have some clarity about all the choices you have made so far in your life.  You might discover that you have been living by someone elses desires, someone elses belief in your limitation, that unnecessary fear has been the master of your choices up to this point.  Or if nothing else you may now have an up to date wish list and renewed purpose to your current path.

I’ll use some popular desires as examples and show you where I’m going with this in part 2.