In a world full of media ‘noise’, how do we decide what to listen to?

With so much visual and mental clutter, how do we tune in to those spiritual messages that are just for us?

Like many people I have become more aware of spirituality and my connection with that side of life as I’ve grown older, but also as time goes on so too does technology and the amount of time we spend with it.

With more of us wanting spiritual fulfillment, how do we filter through all the messages to pick up on those with special meaning to us, those that will further our development.  We literally have messages bombarding us on every platform, billboards, television, radio, social media, emails, newspapers, when we are banking, when we are waiting in a queue, when we are peeing.  Some of these messages will speak to us on a personal level, but how can we tell if this is a clue to our future lives, or just clever advertising?

I trained in advertising, so I understand how these messages are designed to tap into your innermost connections with the world, circle logos resonate with us because the first shape we recognise as a young baby is our mother’s face.  Colours are associated with emotions. The colour red makes us eat more, the colour blue makes us eat less.High tempo music makes us eat faster.  Fonts can make us think things are worth more money or are cool.  Smells can make us feel people are more trustworthy.  Companies know all these things and spend a lot of money creating a brand image; an obvious example is Haagen-Dazs ice-cream cashing in on a European image of food as decadent, good quality and from a long history of recipes (think Belgian chocolate, French cooking) so an American company used a brand name that sounded European in order to convey the image they wanted.

But it’s my thinking that the spiritual world will make use of the way we connect to the world in order to get messages to us, because to be so honest so many of us are so immersed in this online world then our guides and masters may have no choice but to use it as a way to get through to us.

Personally I have heard songs that I felt so strongly were a message for me at poignant times.  Maybe seeing a message on an advert that you really needed to hear that day, a message on a bumper sticker of a car that relates to a question you have been asking about your life.  For me it’s that internal tingle, or ‘ah-ha’ moment that helps me distinguish the messages from the ‘noise’, especially if I have been asking a certain question of my life.

Who better to ask about this than a Psychic Medium, someone whose connection to the spirit world is strong an unquestioning.  Fiona Lundy describes herself as a modern mystic, and kindly agreed to answer a few questions on the subject for me.

Question: I’ve noticed that the spiritual world is big on symbolism and tries to leave us clues to our important questions, but for those of us that can’t speak directly to our guides, how do we know if a message is specifically for us, or just good advertising?

Fiona Lundy’s response:

“There are two side to this answer, when you hear of someone else’s experience and when you have your own. When most people hear someone else’s experience of a spiritual sign, they always assume it’s just a coincidence. I believe the reason for that is we’re asking someone to ‘trust’ and from a mindset of doubt and fear, trust is the most difficult thing to do. So when it comes to listening to other people’s experiences, I tend to embrace the following sentiment, ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.’ It’s not provable so it’s a plain and simple choice, your choice. I could say go with your gut 😉 but if your gut is full of fear, you’re not going to get anything useful.

When it comes to having your own experiences with spirit and symbolism and syncronicities, there’s absolutely no doubt. The moment seems to hang in the air, the symbol or sign almost pulses with a living presence. It is quick and it’s subtle though, but it’s powerful enough that you know it’s there and you either embrace it or you have to write it off to co-incidence. But you know it happened because if nothing happened, you wouldn’t need to write it off to co-incidence.

Now I’ll admit, I have a slight advantage at recognising these moments because I feel energy all around me, all the time and when these moments happen, it’s like the air around me is electric, it’s super charged and sparkly and unmistakable. But you can learn to tune into the subtle world of energy and learning to recognise signs is a really easy way to tune in.

Some of the major signs people talk about are 11.11, feathers or butterflies, but here’s the thing, whatever you choose to be your sign can be your sign! Sometimes when I’m feeling more fearful and worried, I’ll ask for a sign so big it’s ridiculous and ‘in my face’. The last time I did that was earlier this year when I asked for a sign that it was a good decision for me to leave a part-time Head of Learning and Development contract in London. I asked for a sign of a white owl during the following 10 hours, this had to be unmistakable and stop me in my tracks. Quite often I will put a time limit on signs, I’m pretty impatient, plus no sign was an answer too, it meant I had to stay in London. During the morning I went to my usual coffee place next to the office and the girl who made my camomile tea wasn’t wearing her uniform properly. She had her sleeves rolled up and on her forearm facing me was the biggest white owl tattoo I’ve ever seen. BAM!! The moment struck me, it hung in the air as if time actually stopped or slowed down so much that it felt like time had stopped. My energy body tingled all over and gave me shivers on my skin. That was my sign. I silently smiled to myself and said, ‘thank you’ inside my mind, then took a photo to show my fiancé  (*see main pic) that my question had been answered, we were moving back home!

If you’ve never asked for a sign, do it. Ask for an answer to a question that’s been troubling you Choose your sign, make it specific Set a time limit on it (24-48 hours there’s no need to wait unless you’re not ready for an answer) Let it go knowing it’ll be answered. This is the bit people tend to struggle with and I train people to do during my workshops. Some people need more of a ‘ritual’ or ‘action’ to actually let something go energetically. Here are some popular ways, Write it down then burn it Imagine writing it down and passing it over to an angel, Say a prayer.

It doesn’t really matter which letting go process you use. The reason it doesn’t matter ‘how’ you access energy, is because every single person is different and therefore the way they access the energy will be different. That’s part of the reason I think there are so many different strands of religion and philosophy, none of them are right or wrong, all just different paths to access the same universal energy/God/Light/Source whatever word you’ve given it.”

Question: As we use technology so much these days does spirit ever use these tools to try to get a message through to us, or even stop them working to steer our path, for example a website not loading or a call not collecting?

 Fiona Lundy’s response:
“Spirit and energy are great at grabbing our attention and helping us notice things so…whilt they do use technology, the main way is through influencing our attention and focus.  So if a call doesn’t connect it could be in part that spirit inspired us to call when they knew it wouldn’t connect…then made us hyper aware of that moment through influencing our attention to notice it’s weird it didn’t connect.”
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What I learned from her responses were that the messages are there if we can let go and believe, and also that we can directly ask for answers to specific questions by way of a sign we can set for ourselves and even give a time limit.  I love the idea that even we could be a sign for someone else, what inspired you to wear a certain t-shirt, or say something to a stranger, may have been no big deal to you but you could be doing a little bit of earth angel work yourself.
If you have experience of an unmistakeable sign that you have experienced for yourself, please share in the comments.